Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh i totally forgot!!! Geez talk about HUGE blonde moment. James is doing very well. He and his fiancee Madeline are living together in Salt Lake and are really cute together. They have three kittens that are absollutley adorable along with two snakes and two baby iguanas. They seem to be doing great and are planning on being married this summer.



So um my mom doesn't update this thing like ever!!!!!!! So I will. Jennie is officially divorced from Clancy. It lasted bout 8 months in case you're wondering. My mom is still doing the same thing. She got her Bachlors degree from steven's henegar college a while back and she's still doing well at her job. She even has an assistant now. Ray just turned 13 and is recking havoc all over Ogden. He's a little hellian but he can good when he wants to be. He went to boys camp last week and had a blast. I think that's about it for now. I'll try to update soon if my mom doesn't she doesn't have internet access at her house right now so it's hard for her. If you want to know what I Rachel am up to check out my own blog at shortierachel.blogspot.com


Sunday, August 31, 2008

James' Pictures

Wow three posts in one day! That's pretty good. Sorry the pictures are so small. I did them as big as I could.

Jennie's wedding

Here are some of the pictures of the wedding that I took by myself with my awsome digital camera.

The First Post

Hey Y'all,
We got our blog set up. Well I (Rachel) set it up for my mom. Our summer was pretty boring. mine consisted of sleeping, eating high amounts of sugar, and playing Rock Band. If you don't know what that is IT'S THE BEST GAME EVER!!!! I also waited in the INSANELY long lines on august 1st to get Breaking Dawn!! It was so much fun i read it in 7 hours, but I didn't like it very much. Renesmee! WORSE NAME EVER!!Ray has been doing things......OK I have no idea what he has been this summer all I know is that weird noises come from his room throughout the day. My mom has been busy with work and school, And as many of you know Jennie's wedding was a couple weeks ago. She was beautiful. I loved her dress. Best of all I now have two big brothers how awesome is that. Speaking of big brothers James is in Texas right now (GO TEXAS! If you haven't read twilight GO READ IT!!! Them you'll get the Jasper/Texas thing.) in the basic training for the National Air Guard!! hip hip hooray for him. We can post the pictures later. I'll post more later pictures of Jennie's wedding and James at boot camp.
See Ya, Rachel